Wedding collection starting point:

  • 5 hours of shooting and documenting your day
  • Unlimited amount of photos taken and fully edited 
  • Guaranteed 3 weeks delivery and 2 business days for a sneak peek (5 final edited images that you can share with your family and friends while you wait for your full gallery)
  • Proof gallery and print storefront- high resolution version of final edited pictures, web resolution and print resolution
  • 10 complementary 5x7 inch prints
  • Rights to your photos to share and print
  • Consultation with timeline, shot checklists and tips for your big day. 

ADD ONS AVAILABLE: Beautiful wedding album, extra hours of shooting, prints, second shooter, engagement session

For small weddings and elopements book me through My Vineyard Elopements. Contact:


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For small and intimate weddings under 40 people you will book me through My Vineyard Elopement. Contact person Jackie Kane:


Most of the brides are asking...

  • What is your photographic style?

 I call my style artistic documentary. I found myself loving documenting the wedding day with all the details that can make the couple remember perfectly how it was, what they felt, what they missed and so on. I'm more focused on the real and authentic moments throughout out the day, rather than taking 50 photos of the bride posing in a way that is not her style at all. I want to tell the story in a personal way. I like natural light but I will use artificial lighting in order to create beautiful images. I will try to lead you if necessary until you feel comfortable, but I will let YOU be YOU, playful and natural, not worrying about what your hair looks like or trying to capture the "perfect" picture. Getting close but not in your way and being in the moments when they are happening will allow me to capture you naturally, rather than you looking distant and emotionally disconnected. While I'm documenting your day I will do my best to get creative with lighting, framing, composition and ideas to give your photos an artistic touch. I want your photos to look alive, colorful and to make you fall in love with them. I am not using the same tricks and poses for all my weddings because couples are different and I am interested in capturing your own chemistry as a couple.


YES, PLEASE! As much as I love emails, it would be helpful for both sides to meet. Because I live on Martha's Vineyard and you are probably traveling from another part of the country we can always talk on the phone, Face Time or Skype! Ideal scenario is to meet up, sip a coffee and talk about your wedding vision. It's always important to be a good fit.


  I will shoot all the time. Whenever I see something that can be a part of the story, whenever someone is laughing or crying I will try to capture the magic and the spirit. I like to take lots of candids until I am happy with the results, candids are not over until the event is over. On average, your entire day will be around 600-700 photos fully edited and ready to be shared with your loved ones and also ready to order professional quality prints with just a click away.

I know you will probably be very excited about your wedding day so I will try to send you a sneak peek (4-5 final edited images) in the next following days and your entire gallery in 3 weeks! 


Yes! I would like to see what you have in mind and what you like. Also I encourage you to look over my work and see if it fits your style. I would love to get creative and try to make you happy. I also created a PDF with my shot list so you can understand better what to expect on your wedding day and we can use it as a starting conversation point.

  • do I need to worry on my wedding day about photography?

   Part of my experience includes helping you to not worry at all about photography on your big day! I will help you to create an ideal timeline so we can make sure I have time for all the shots and you can enjoy every moment of your wedding. Also, if you are nervous about never being photographed before I will make sure to help you feel natural and not lead you into awkward poses or forced smiles. Best images will be when you don't even realize I am there and you will just focus on your partner. My purpose is to take professional pictures while you are having fun and enjoying every minute of your day!

  • do you use a second photographer?

   I usually take all the pictures myself, but if I can't cover important moments that will happen in the same time, I will work with another talented photographer. Together we will make sure that nothing is missing and you won't even have to worry.