family photography

Baby anouncement

This short photoshoot was a tough one, I must say Maybe because Natalie is very precise and she really know what she wants, or because the pictures will represent her way of telling the world she will be a mom, or because basically she is like family for me.

When she called me a couple of weeks ago, her voice was changed and with all the happiness in the world she just said “Uhm, Lari..I’m pregnant!!!” I knew immediately   that it will be the beginning of a new journey for me too and this baby is a blessing for all of us. I couldn’t wait for her belly to be big so I can document her pregnancy, even if she has a really hard time accepting that her body will change:) Nothing is more beautiful than seeing her and Andrew being so excited for becoming parents. This week, the baby is the size of a kiwi!

It was simple to think about all her favorite things and bring them in a photoshoot: nature, brown boots, cozy sweatshirts, her gloves with Canada, Andrew and her kiwi.

We met for lunch and coffee and headed to a little secret forest in Vineyard Haven…The next hour we spent together you can see it through these next pictures. And for sure you will see more of her journey soon!