who I am

    I was born and raised in Romania and was always motivated to dream big, work hard, and never stop learning. I wanted people to look at my photography and be inspired to feel something while also taking them to places deep inside their hearts.

  I longed to tell stories through my pictures and bring up emotions by capturing people's raw energy in that exact moment.

 Because of my passion for photography and my drive to push myself into the unknown to see what I was capable of I packed a bag and hopped on a plane bound for the USA, thirsty to grow and continue my journey in my love for photography. Here I am on Martha's Vineyard, a little island nestled off the coast of Massachusetts. I've spent countless hours photographing the things I love most- smiling eyes, happy faces, and genuine love between human hearts.

  Each person tells their own story and I am both honored and thankful to be able to capture these moments. Seeing people's joy in my photographs reminds me that I am doing what I am meant to do, in a place I'm meant to be. This unique island has become my new home and I am enjoying every step of this colorful journey that has become my life.



personal facts

  • I am a day dreamer when I am not laughing too much.
  • I'm a Pisces. 
  • I speak sarcasm to get out of a stressful situation, or to show my friends I love them.
  • I love everything about Romanian food, trying to cook it here is very difficult, so I started to buy my mom plane tickets.
  • Some of my favorite things that make me happy are: music, good coffee ( espresso please), rainy days, barefoot on the grass, onions in every meal, road trips and tulips, a good joke, hugs and Chandler from Friends.
  • My friends don't want to play board games with me anymore because I get competitive.
  • My Romanian  accent sounds silly.